Vision of St Paul’s – Bangkok: A City Congregation with a Unique Calling


Welcome to the Vision page of St Paul’s – Bangkok, a sacred space where community, faith, and purpose converge. Built upon the solid cornerstone laid by St George’s in Pattaya in 2005, St. Paul’s aims to be a sanctuary amidst the bustle, a welcoming home for all in the heart of Bangkok. While both congregations share a common heritage and Anglican tradition, St. Paul’s is a ‘city congregation’ with a distinct character and a unique demographic landscape.

Our Vision: A City Congregation

At St. Paul’s – Bangkok, our vision is to be a vibrant, inclusive community that embodies Christ’s teachings in a cosmopolitan setting. We are more than a congregation; we are a collective expression of Christianity adapted to the peculiarities and potentials of life in a bustling city. Here, you’ll find a harmonious blend of cultures, languages, and beliefs, representing the diverse fabric of Bangkok itself.

Diverse Demographics

Bangkok is a sprawling metropolis, a melting pot of people from various walks of life, from expatriates to students and professionals to daily-wage workers. This allows St. Paul’s to minister to a demographic vastly different from our mother congregation, St. George’s in Pattaya. While St. George’s often serves a community heavily influenced by tourism and retirement, St. Paul’s finds itself at the intersection of ambition, enterprise, and spirituality.


Being a city congregation, we recognize the importance of being easily accessible both physically and virtually. Situated strategically in the city, we also offer online services, resources, and community groups, understanding that city life comes with its unique set of challenges, including time constraints.

The Cornerstone: Our Foundation

While we venture to cater to a different demographic and context, the teachings, values, and traditions are firmly rooted in the foundational work done by St George’s – Pattaya. Just like a tree branching out, while the roots remain the same, each branch has its unique characteristics. St George’s has been a beacon of faith since 2005, and it is upon this cornerstone that St Paul’s is built.

Our Mission

  • To provide a spiritual sanctuary amidst the city’s noise.
  • To foster a sense of community among a diverse congregation.
  • To nurture spiritual growth through worship, educational programs, and outreach activities.
  • To engage with the wider community through acts of service and charity.

A traditional Anglican liturgy

  • Anglican: St. Paul’s – Bangkok is an independent congregation not part of the Singapore Diocise.
  • Succession: All priests have been regularly ordained using the Anglican Rite by our Lutheran Bishop, thereby providing by way of the Porvoo Convention legitimate recognition by the global Anglican Communion.
  • Affirming-Catholicism: St. Paul’s is committed to the theology of traditional Anglo-Affirming Catholicism.


St. Paul’s – Bangkok is not just a congregation; it’s a spiritual home adapted to the city’s unique demands. Rooted in the Anglican tradition, our vision is to be as diverse, dynamic, and deeply spiritual as Bangkok.

We warmly welcome you to join us in this journey.