St George’s Pattaya

Our Story

  • 2023


    On the 10th of September, the Daughter church of St George’s was formally dedicated to St Paul in its first Eucharist service in Bangkok.

    On Friday, the 1st of September, Fr. David, Chaplain of St George’s, proposed the creation of the Independent Anglican Church in Thailand, enabling and facilitating the furtherance of our traditional Anglican liturgy elsewhere in Thailand.

    May – At 3 pm, on 28th June 2023, Rt. Revd. Vsevolod Lytkin ordained Rev. Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell ordained into the Sacred Priesthood on the Feast of Pentecost.

  • 2022

    June – On 5th June, Rt. Revd. Vsevolod Lytkin admitted Rev. Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell and Fr. Zach Storey to the Deaconate, and ordained Fr. Zach Storey into the Sacred Priesthood on the Feast of Pentecost, at 3pm, on 5th June 2022.

    March – Mr Zach Story was formally welcomed as an Ordinand and included in the ‘Meet the Team‘ page of the website.

    February – The Healthcare Equipment Lending Scheme was formally added to the Ministry of the congregation.

    January – A third terminally ill parishioner benefited from the Oxygen Condenser.


  • 2021

    September – a second terminally ill parishioner was able to borrow the Oxygen Condenser to relieve their suffering and distress.

    July  – St George’s received a donation of an oxygen condenser which it lent to a terminally ill parishioner.

    14th January  – St George’s welcomed into the Inclusive Church Network

    10th January – In Memoriam page published

  • 2017

    Fr. David Price

    Having spent his professional life teaching, playing or examining Church and organ music, it is hardly surprising that when Fr. David moved to Thailand in December 2006, he almost immediately was involved in St George’s church within the congregation before he started playing the organ for the services.  This culminated in a wholly unexpected, life-changing experience was his ordination to the priesthood in November 2017.

    Fr David has committed himself to ensure very high standards are observed both in ritual and in the liturgy each week.  He continues to play the organ and record the music each week which is played over blue tooth during the service.


  • 2015

    Fr. Tom McCusker III

    Having worked alongside Fr Theo and Fr Bill for more than a year, and having been involved with the congregation since 2005 Fr Tom was an obvious choice to lead the church when Fr. Theo left.

    Involved in ministry since 1977, Tom has an excellent résumé both academically and in context within the US Episcopal Church; and Diacosese of Virginia in particular.

    Tom moved to Pattaya in 2007 when he retired, having travelled to Thailand five times since 1980.


  • 2012

    St George’s gets a Bishop

    Rt. Revd. Vsevolod Lytkin, Bishop of Siberia, has served as Bishop to St George’s since 2012.


  • 2006

    Fr. Theo Lewis

    When Alan stepped down 2006, Fr. Theo Lewis (already a member of the congregation) agreed to take services in order to maintain continuity ‘until a new vicar could be found’.  

    Retired to Thailand, he lived in Bangkok before moving to Pattaya in 2006.  It was then that he got involved in re-establishing St. George’s, Pattaya.  

    He took over the congregation for the next 9 years assisted by Fr Tom and Fr. Bill until, in 2015, ill-health and life circumstances prompted his decision to move to pastures new.

  • June 2005

    Sunday 19th June 2005 

    St. George’s Anglican Church, Pattaya began to hold services in mid-June 2005 when the first Eucharist was celebrated in the beautiful chapel of the Redemptorist Centre on Sukhumvit Road.

    June 2005

  • Spring 2005

    Rev. Allan Sherratt – First Chaplain

    Whilst Mr. Thor Halland conducted research into the need for and feasibility of sustaining an Anglican church, he met Allan, a retired Church of England vicar.

    Rev. Allan Sherratt agreed to act as chaplain.

    Rev. Allan died 16th June 2013.

  • Pre 2005

    Before this time, attempts had been made to establish a Protestant /Anglican Church (‘Western’ Christian, though not Roman Catholic), but for one reason or another, these had not been successful.

    Pre 2005