Vision of the Independent Anglican Congregation in Thailand (IACT): A Pioneering Force of Inclusion and Community Impact


Through its congregations (St George’s Pattaya and St Paul’s – Bangkok), IACT serves as a nucleus for traditional Anglican spiritual development, social equity, and community involvement together with insightful leadership, St George’s marries traditional Anglican liturgy with modern outreach methods, such as live-streamed services and community partnerships.

The Pillars of Vision

Inclusive Worship

At its core, IACT aims to be a space of universal welcome. Liturgy is designed to be accessible, allowing both lifetime Anglicans and spiritual seekers to participate fully.

Social Justice

We are deeply committed to social justice initiatives. From tackling poverty to standing up for human rights, social justice is our mission’s backbone.

Education and Spiritual Formation

Beyond Sunday worship, IACT is a spiritual and educational growth hub, offering resources like Bible studies, retreats, and seminars.

Environmental Stewardship

Acknowledging the divine, we champion environmental causes, promoting a lifestyle of sustainable respect for God’s creation.


IACT is not just a place of worship but a sanctuary of inclusion, a stage for social advocacy, and a cornerstone for community wellbeing. We invite you to join this extraordinary journey to spread love and justice in the mold of divine benevolence.