Embrace the Spirit of Unity | Join Us for Worship

St George’s, Pattaya is an Independent Anglican Mission church, which began to hold services on 19th June 2005 when the first Eucharist was celebrated in the beautiful chapel of the Redemptorist Centre on Sukhumvit Road.

Are you searching for a spiritual community that values inclusivity, cherishes tradition, and fosters unity? Your search ends here! Discover the enriching experience of joining our welcoming and independent Anglican congregation. Let us introduce why joining us for worship could be a transformative step on your spiritual journey.

1. Embracing All Believers: At our church, everyone is embraced with open arms, regardless of their background, beliefs, or personal journey. Our commitment to inclusivity means everyone is welcome to find solace, connection, and a deeper understanding of their faith.

2. Tradition Meets Relevance: Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of the traditional Anglican Liturgy, conveyed in an English translation that resonates deeply with our diverse congregation. This cherished tradition connects us with generations of worshippers, fostering a sense of continuity and shared purpose.

3. Following the Christian Calendar: Join us on a spiritual voyage that follows the Christian calendar in harmony with the Anglican / Episcopal Lectionary. Experience the rhythm of the liturgical year as we explore the stories, teachings, and insights that define our faith.

4. An Independent Haven of Spirituality: Our church stands proudly as an independent Anglican community, nurturing an environment of exploration, acceptance, and growth. Here, you are invited to engage with your faith in a way that aligns with your personal beliefs and convictions.

5. Celebrating Inclusivity: Diversity is celebrated and embraced in our congregation. Our church community is open-hearted towards LGBTQ+ individuals and those who have experienced divorce. We are all cherished members of the spiritual family.

6. Communion and Blessings: Baptized and confirmed individuals are invited to partake in the profound experience of Holy Communion, a unifying act that brings us together as one body. For those from different faith backgrounds or none, a blessing is extended as a gesture of respect for their journey.

7. Unity in Diversity: We’re dedicated to forging connections beyond our walls, even if informally, with faith communities like Christchurch. Our commitment to unity extends beyond our differences, building bridges of understanding and compassion.

8. Anglican Holy Communion: Following the official Anglican position, all Christians who are full members of their denomination are welcome to receive Holy Communion in our church. Moreover, we extend an open invitation to individuals of any faith or none to receive a blessing during this sacred moment.

Join us on this inspiring journey where inclusivity, tradition, and unity harmonise.

Experience the transformative power of worshipping in a community that values and respects every individual’s unique path.

Come, connect, and discover the profound sense of belonging that awaits you.