Our Lent / Easter Appeal – For a Cup of Coffee

As the effects of the Pandemic on our community continues to bite for its first anniversary, we can see that more than 60 percent of all businesses in the area have permanently gone to the wall.

The majority of people in our city have no job and no means of finding one.

The work of a parish church and its effect in a community is in sharpest relief during these times of need.  Likewise too the numbers of people we can help with a little help from our friends has increased experientially.

Our Lent/Easter appeal this year is entitled “For a cup of coffee”.

If everyone who likes our work, watches our services in person and online, or who have engaged with us on Facebook, were willing to give us the same amount as they spend on one cup of coffee each week, our work here could achieve so much more.

Our church has overheads which are nominal, and every penny we receive over and above what we need each week, we use to support our community partners achieve their aims.

$5 we can provide food and water to a family of four for a day.

$10 we can we can support children in slums learn for a week.

$20 can pay for shoes and school uniforms so a poor child can attend school.

$50 pays the rent on a room for a month and takes a family off the streets.