Mahatai Pattaya Convention Center


  1. What is the Mahatai Pattaya Convention Center?
  2. For someone staying in the hotel, what are the facilities?
  3. Can anyone stay here?
  4. Are there rules?
  5. Do the prices include breakfast and if not, what is available and how much is it?
  6. Is the gate open 24 hours per day?

Please reply on LINE – many thanks.

Room Type

Single Room
12.04 -sq-meter
Price 350฿/Night

Standard Single/Double Room
14.72 -sq-meter
Price 400฿/Night

Superior Single room
20.05 -sq-meter
Price 450฿/Night

Deluxe Single/Double Room
27.44 -sq-meter
Price 550฿/Night