About Us: The Story of St Paul’s – Bangkok

A Warm Welcome

Greetings and a warm welcome to St Paul’s – Bangkok, a haven of spirituality amidst the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s vibrant capital. We’re not just a building; we’re a community, a family that invites you to join us in faith, service, and the love of God.

Our Dedication: A Milestone Moment

It was a day etched in the hearts of our community: September 10, 2023. On this auspicious day, St Paul’s was spiritually and ceremonially dedicated. The Eucharist service held was a momentous event that sealed our congregation’s place as a sanctuary for all. The ceremony was a compelling blend of solemnity and joy, reflecting our mission to be a vibrant, inclusive community.

A City Congregation with a Unique Calling

Unlike our Mother Congregation, St George’s in Pattaya, which often serves a community influenced by tourism and retirement, St Paul’s – Bangkok finds itself at the crossroads of ambition, enterprise, and spirituality. Located in the heart of Bangkok, we serve a diverse demographic ranging from expatriates and students to professionals and daily-wage workers.

Accessibility and Virtual Community

Understanding the challenges of city living, we are strategically located to be easily accessible and also offer online services, resources, and community groups for those unable to attend in person.

Rooted in Tradition

While we have our unique characteristics, our teachings, values, and traditions are firmly grounded in the foundational work of St George’s – Pattaya. We share a common heritage and Anglican tradition, offering a traditional Anglican liturgy that provides comfort and continuity.

What We Believe

  • Anglican: Though an independent congregation, we are not part of the Singapore Diocese.
  • Succession: All our priests are ordained using the Anglican Rite by our Lutheran Bishop, securing legitimacy through the Porvoo Convention.
  • Affirming-Catholicism: We are committed to traditional Anglo-Affirming Catholicism, embracing both traditional and progressive values.

Join Us On This Spiritual Journey

St Paul’s – Bangkok is not merely a c; it’s a spiritual home adapted to meet the city’s unique demands. Our doors and hearts are always open. We invite you to be a part of our community to grow with us in faith, love, and service.

Welcome to St Paul’s – Bangkok. Your spiritual journey in the city starts here.